Ibim Cookey was born in Port Harcount, Nigeria in January 1999 and studied architecture at the University of Nigeria.

As a young boy, Ibim began drawing and through the years, developed his distinctive detailed photorealistic drawing style. For his portraits, Cookey prefers graphic and charcoal pencils, which he combines with designs of specific African fabrics.

The intensely colored textile patterns contrast with his black and white drawings and are symbolic of the connection between the identity and culture of the people the artist encounters on a daily basis.

The acrylic painted backgrounds in the style of West African wax printed fabrics take a central role in Cookey's paintings, as they are an expression of self-confidence and pride in the people of the Niger Delta's own cultural roots.

Ibim Cookey's works - despite his young age - have already been featured at exhibitions and art fairs in Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, the USA and Europe, have won several awards and have been nominated for various art prizes in Nigeria.