Exocé Kasongo

Shaped by a story between two worlds, Exocé Kasongo was born in France in 1995. He grew up in a very humble environment and understood very early that through art he could overcome all barriers and understand his own sensitivity and that of the people around him. Thanks to his years of experience, Exocé confirms himself as a dancer (Krump / Hip-Hop) with Afro / Contemporary influences and starts developing more hybrid projects.


His artistic direction tells a lot about his origins and the struggle of a black man living in a white society. "In time it will all make sense."


Exocé has recently started a series of collages celebrating Afro ancestry/Diaspora/Afro-Futurism in particular :” The inspiration I have had for most of the work comes from this vision, which I have from a connection between the new diaspora and ancestry. In my work everything is pimped, everything is mixed, but the meaning is there because the story stays the same (everything is whole). The story of a new Africa in search of cultural, historical, artistic and spiritual restitution. It's time for my generation to reinvent the lost codes by drawing inspiration from who we are."


I am looking for a kind of charisma, an attitude, a presence, a vision that we find in every work of art. Every work of art is the answer to research.