TALES: Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek

24 November 2017 - 26 January 2018 Aachen

Our work is expressed in a surreal language, because we want to clash the rationality
and irrationality of our condition in order to find a deeper meaning of life.

Everything we see or do can be seen in both positive and negative way.
Not everything we see is what it really is. By creating poetic and philosophical works
we want the viewers to interpret our work according to their own life experiences.
The symbolism of our creation can be interpreted on many different levels; we tell a
story about best and worst aspects of human existence.
There are always many stories behind each of our works. You can explore as many
stories as both the human and spiritual eye can perceive. It depends on the viewers
particular own life experiences. By creating surreal images filled with hidden meaning,
we want to show an evolution and transition of humanity’s inner reality.
Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek