LIMBO: Pierre le Riche

15 September - 12 October 2023 Aachen

With "Limbo", ARTCO Aachen presents Pierre le Riche's first solo exhibition in Europe.  Le Riche, born in South Africa in 1986, holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town and has in the past created bespoke installations for e.g. Daimler and Cartier. His artistic practice fuses sculpture and craft, although he does not allow himself to be pinned down to a particular medium.


Entitled "Limbo", the exhibition brings together artworks that describe Pierre le Riche's mental state after immigrating to Germany from his native South Africa. In these introspective works, he explores the common malaise that many immigrants face when confronted with a disruptive new reality that exists beyond mere language and cultural barriers. Through the use of fabrics, in both two and three dimensional forms, the artist reflects on loss, displacement and the confrontation with the self. Something he describes as his personal limbo; a moment between two phases of belonging.


The show presents some older works as well as new works that le Riche made especially for the exhibition.