Herbert Kaufmann: Painting and collages

9 July - 6 August 2010

With Herbert Kaufmann, ARTCO Galerie presents an important representative of West German abstract art after 1945 in its current summer exhibition.


Born in Aachen in 1924, Herbert Kaufmann began his studies immediately after the end of the war with a focus on painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and, after graduating, developed lively artistic activities.


His first abstract works were created around 1950 and at the end of the decade he made his first collages of torn corrugated cardboard. With the beginning of the 1960s, he dealt consistently with the new advertising and media world in newspapers and magazines. Using snippets, scraps of paper and fragments of writing, Herbert Kaufmann created his unmistakable paper collages. In the famous advertising pillars he combined the principle of collage with that of object art. This transition made him one of the few representatives of German pop art.

In a short phase, he returned to painting, but his Aquatec images again strongly remind of collages. Wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard and other neutral materials are the materials of his late work. It created plastic, relief-like work, which he called "Closed Pictures".


In the years 1967 to 1990 Herbert Kaufmann taught as a professor at the Berlin College of the Arts.


Duration of the exhibition: 09.07.2010 - 06.08.2010