Raquel van Haver
Softcover 103 pages
Publisher: ARTCO Gallery
Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm

"Raquel Van Haver’s work is driven by a desire to connect, its spirit of togetherness, lending itself to people, communities and on a monumental level, transcontinental dialogue. In returning to Colombia, where she was born, Van Haver’s investment in her native country, its people, culture and ancient mythologies, sees her practice eclipse an individual pursuit for knowledge and belonging, becoming a living archive of Colombia’s extraordinary communities. Resisting genres, Van Haver reimagines the field of documentary on her own terms, her approach instilled with an inclusivity and expansiveness, elevating often unheard and unseen voices..."

part of Foreword by Lauren Gee

AMO A LA REINA: Raquel van Haver
€ 19.00