Like a Bird

Johanna-Maria Fritz
Softcover 164 pages
Publisher: L’Artiere
ISBN: 9788894515541
Dimensions: 24 x 25 cm

Published in English / Wolof / Farsi / Dari / Arabic / Russian / Hindi / Indonesian


An insider tale of Islamic countries with an oniric point of view through the circus world.


German photographer Johanna-Maria Fritz travels all over the world photographing people and communities, especially in war zones in the Middle East. This book is the second in a poignant series on the circus in Muslim countries. She began this series over five years ago and published that work in her 2017 book, Like a BirdCircus continues that project with images taken between 2017 and the present. Her work will be on display this summer at the annual photography festival in Arles.


"For Like a Bird I traveled to many Islamic countries. I was especially curious about the role of women in circus life and the environment the circus is based in - thankfully I was able to get access to the female culture in conservative societies like Iran and Afghanistan as I am myself a woman. With my work I pursue the object of overcoming prejudices and show how small communities are able to function in these conservative or conflict-ridden countries. I direct a spectator's view to different worlds: The one of the circus as well as the society surrounding it and how the social fabric of the circus influences the outside and gets influenced itself in reverse." – Johanna-Maria Fritz

Like a Bird: Johanna-Maria Fritz
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