Traces of Violence

Marcelo Brodsky
hardcover 82 pages
Publisher: ARTCO Galerie Berlin
Dimensions: 19,5 x 25 cm

30 colored images

8 texts



Heike Becker (University of the Western Cape)

Verpuka Katuuo-Kauari (Ovaherero Genocide Foundation, USA)

Ngondi A. Kamatuka & Louisa K. Kamatuka (Ovaherero Genocide Foundation, USA)

Marcelo Brodsky (Artist)

Wolfgang Kaleck (European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights)

Roland Vázquez (University of Utrecht, NL)

Sima Luipert (Hardap Regional Council, Nama Genocide Technical Committee)

Robert G. Rodriguez (A&M University-Commerce, USA)


Traces of Violence: Marcelo Brodsky
€ 19.00