Imraan Christian (b. Cape Town, SA) identifies as a son of the soil, a visual artist and an activist with the connecting thread being mysticism in its many forms. He is a Brand Ambassador for South Africa, and in this capacity has been chosen to represent the freedom of expression for his nation. He currently lives and works in Cape Town.


His documentation of the Student uprising of 2015/2016 in South Africa catapulted his work into the international spotlight. With grassroots activism and a particular focus on decolonization and innovation as his chosen voice, he then blazed a trail through the art, and advertising world collaborating with entities such as UNICEF, CNN, BBC world services, Highsnobiety, Nike, Vogue Italia’s Photo Vogue, MTV, Brand South Africa and many more. His artworks have been exhibited at Cape Town art fair 2018, and Magic City "embracing street art” in Munich 2018, and Stockholm 2018, and also installed at constitution hill heritage art program in Johannesburg 2018.