“I paint like I dance. I move and feel with an intuitive freedom of expression, using multiple body languages to be in tune with the music of painting.”


Thomias L. Radin (born 1993, Abymes, Guadeloupe) earned an MFA from the University of Rennes (2018) and has had a solo exhibition at Savvy Contemporary in Berlin (2019), where he later became curator of performance with the program Sensitivities of Dance.

Last February 2022 Radin also had his first solo exhibition in the United States Kimbé Rèd Pa Moli with Steve Turner Gallery (Los Angeles). His work was also featured by Steve Turner at Expo Chicago (April 2022).


The concept of Rhizome, introduced by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, is used by Radin as a philosophical tool in his multi-disciplinary art practice, which addresses contemporary societal issues and is heavily influenced by his Afro-Caribbean French identity and diverse cultural relationships with the world. He uses metaphorical language to engage in an intimate conversation and indirect exposure in his work.


Radin sets vulnerability, intimacy, intuition as the fundament of his work. He critically investigates how the Black body was, is, and will be shaped while reflecting on his own origins and identity. His multidisciplinary practice, settled at the intersection of performance and painting, enables him to employ dance as well as painting as an anthropological tool to question Western societies on the whole and to deconstruct the mythologies they have developed.