Milan Photo Art Fair 2024: Milan, Italy

11 - 14 April 2024 

After a successful fair in 2023, we are looking forward to show four photographers at the MIA Photo Fair in Milan again. Contributing to the curatorial theme of this year’s edition the photographs by J Henry Fair, (1959) document the elusive processes of global warming, environmental pollution and destruction, and the position that art takes in this context.

Highlighted by the documentary section of the fair, we will also show a selection of Johanna-Maria Fritz’ long-term (2014-2019) art project LIKE A BIRD. In Gaza, Palestine, a young juggler once told her, he feels “like a bird” when going out into the manège. The respective photos of Majed Kallub and his colleagues were taken in July 2016 and document a Palestine that sadly doesn’t exist anymore.

Marcelo Brodsky (1954, Argentina) is an international human rights activist and visual artist with work focused in memory and collective history.

With Imraan Christian (1992), we are showing a young artist from South Africa who recites the stories of the local community through mystical productions. His most recent work "!Noma." was taken in the picturesque fishing village of Hangberg and recently won the Photo Vogue Award.