Utopia: Marcin Owczarek

30 July - 27 August 2020 Aachen

Marcin Owczarek (born 1985) studied at the Academy of Photography in Wroclaw, where he graduated with an award for his cycle "Brave New World". Owczarek is interested in shamanism, gnostics and alchemy. His art was also influenced by the contents of the "Tibetan Book of the Dead" and by the study of cultural anthropology.

He currently lives and works in Belgium.


In his new works Marcin Owczarek deals with the search for utopia, the search for paradise, in his typical style of photo collage. Under the impression of the man-made exploitation and increasing destruction of the earth, Owczarek was inspired for his works by the book "Utopia" published by Thomas More in 1516. More describes Utopia as the place where people, animals and nature live in harmony and where there are no wars, weapons and walls.


In his mystical collages Owczarek uses the threat to the animal world to draw attention to the ongoing destruction of our habitat. At the same time, the animals are also a metaphor for humanity with their characteristics and virtuesThe encounter with the art of Marcin Owczarek inevitably leads the viewer to refllect on himself and his actions against the background of the enormous challenges facing humanity, such as climate change and environmental destruction.


His appeal: to preserve the planet's resources for future generations and make utopia a reality.