Chromatic Choices: Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway, Tesprit & Ibim Cookey

9 December 2023 - 27 January 2024 Aachen
In the last exhibition of the year, the ARTCO Gallery in Aachen is presenting works by Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway, Ibim Cookey and Tesprit under the title CHROMATIC CHOICES. The show brings together different portrait works that deal with role models in West Africa. 


Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway (1992) is a Ghanaian mixed-media artist who works with painting, performance and textile design. In her works and performances, she comments on the social challenges and outdated gender roles in Ghana. The works in her latest series were created in dialogue with women from her community and can be read as a symbol of solidarity and empowerment. The clothes, hair and accessories of the figures in her oil paintings are formed from the threads of mop mobs and refer to work that is still often directed at women.


Ibim Cookey, was born in 1999 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and studied architecture at the University of Nigeria. In the years before and after his studies, he developed his detailed photorealistic drawing style. For his black and white portraits, he prefers graphic and charcoal pencils and typically combines them with intensely coloured textile patterns in the style of West African wax print fabrics, which he in turn paints with acrylic paint. Against this background, the shy and questioning gazes of the people depicted contrast with the lively traditions of West Africa


Feli Kossi Gerard Tete, alias Tesprit, was born in 1994 in Lome, Togo. In his colourful collages, he focuses on the world of the "Dzimakplo", the homeless children of Togo who search the suburbs for scraps of copper and valuables that they can turn into money. Like these children, Tesprit was forced to improvise after painting utensils became scarce during the pandemic. Tesprit discovered the foam from flip flops and other shoes to use as the basis for his figurative works.