STUDIO TALKS: curated by Malte Bülskämper

4 August - 2 September 2023 Berlin

A group show with works by Christian August, Bea Bonafini, Susanne Bonowicz, Jenny Brosinski, Julien Deiss, Johanna Dumet, Janes Haid- Schmallenberg, Atusa Jatari, Aneta Kajzer, Benni Kakert, Moritz Lindur, Timur Lukas, Rebekka Macht, Anna Nero, Laura Sachs, Selassie, Gemma Solà Sotos, Tom Solty, Fabian Treiber, Theresa Volpp, Marta Vovk and Fabian Warnsing.



"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else."



In the summer of 2018, STUDIO TALKS by Malte Bülskämper began with the first conversations and studio visits in Berlin. The following five years were not only an exciting journey through many artists' studios, but also a travel through the different developments of contemporary painting.The group exhibition at ARTCO Gallery allows all of the participating artists to enter into an exciting discourse. This discussion emphasizes the juxtaposition and variety of the artists.


STUDIO TALKS is based on interviews with artists and thus also on the conviction that we can best approach art in the form of dialogue. Through these interactions we learn a lot about ourselves and the times we live in. From the selection of international artists, the majority live and work in Berlin. Their diverse positions provide an exciting overview of the here and now of young painting, as well as of current themes and issues that artists are tackling today. Both on a formal and on a thematic level, these positions show new developments in painting and prove the high relevance and desirability of the medium, especially in a thoroughly digitalised world.


The exhibition invites us all to rediscover painting and to encounter with the unknown - just like we do it, during a good studio visit. In the context of the group exhibition, all 24 interviews of the Studio Talks series, along with bonus material, will be published as a book.