Tasnim Baghdadi

TASNIM BAGHDADI is a painter and artist who is currently based in Zürich and Berlin. Her work is a visual exploration of material reality and cosmology. Tasnim investigates, observes and manifests absence and presence of sign, form, space and field as well as variations of structure and texture through abstraction. She understands painting as part of a semiotic practice and as an expression of „Sprachlosigkeit". The artist combines a variety of media, including drawing and painting, printmaking and installation.


SPALT IM KONTINUUM (2021) is a series of paint ings with which the artist explores the notion of negation through abstraction:

The paintings can be described as form findings based on cosmology, language and text. The single forms emerge from a technique the artist calls "blacking out the canon" - using books on art, religion and philosophy, single textbook pages are over painted with black printing color, leaving isolated blank spaces and voids. The book studies are then transformed on canvas and into an emerging visual alphabet of negation.


Besides her artistic focus, she works as Head of Education & Public Programs at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zürich & as a freelance author and lecturer in the field of museology.