Syowia Kyambi is an interdisciplinary artist and curator whose media spans across photography, video, drawing, sound, sculpture and performance installation. She holds an MFA from Transart Institute (2020) and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2002). Syowia is based in Nairobi and of Kenyan/German origin.

The connection between the psyche, history and the entanglement that exists within nonstagnant identities are present in her creative process as she is pushing beyond simple categorization looking for acknowledgement and healing:


I examine how our contemporary human experience is influenced by constructed histories, creating installations that often include a performative practice to narrate stories and activate objects, exploring cultural identities, linking them to issues of loss, memory, race, and gender.


With 'Kaspale', Kyambi created a character, that is devised to intervene in spaces charged with colonial histories/activities. 'Kaspale's Archvie Intrusion, The Vortex series' (2019) arrives to a space of timelessness and exists in a realm not bound by time nor space, its here nor there, neither present nor past.