Tom Solty was born in 1992 in Germany. He studied between 2011 and 2014 in Maastricht, Netherlands at the Academy of Fine Arts to achieve his Bachelor in Illustration. From 2018 to 2021 he was living, studying and working in Lisbon, Portugal to accomplish his Master in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Tom Solty works in Berlin and Lisbon since he started his PhD program in painting at the Faculty in Lisbon in 2022.


Solty’s recent works are oil paintings on canvas with a reference to classical landscapes in the mix with contemporary techniques such as Airbrush or Spray gun, as well as close ups from objects or insects which somehow connect the twilight zone between the natural and the artificial. In his last solo exhibition `Walking in the high Grass` his works dealt with a current state of mind, trying to capture what is happening around us and at the same time critically questioning it: The challenge here is to find a balance between a certain double standard and a clear stance. Fears and Doubts about mankind and how to deal with each other were not caused by war, illnesses or interventions in nature, but through the abundance of information, impressions and opinions that trigger a state of distress. The paintings thus function as a personal retreat. An utopia that suggests liveliness.