He works in series defined by themes and concepts, combining his main medium, painting, with digital photography collage (sometimes within an individual series).

Series may also include audio/musical compositions, video, and mixed media.

The free, autodidactic use of different forms of artistic expression is rooted in the self-conception and spirit of West Berlin’s underground culture in the early 1980s. For a long time, the artist’s creative journey focused on music, until he pivoted to visual arts. The experience of 30 years of night shift work became an intrinsic part of the artist’s identity and lends his works their characteristic tone.


“Strange goings-on in the house across the street – what are they up to over there?”
Almost cinematic scenes with a partly surreal touch cast an expressive and sometimes humorous light on existential and everyday matters.

These works are an exploration of human character, desires, fortunes, fears, dreams and emotions; an examination of social phenomena and injustices; of the balances of power between individuals and groups; of violence, and gender roles.

Striking elements of the artist’s work are his lust for discovering contradictions and his will to cut through to the emotional core of what is visible and seemingly superficial.


- Born in Berlin Neukölln in 1965
- Registered as freelance visual artist since 2015
- Academic education: North American Studies and Theatre Studies, FU Berlin
- Approx. 30 years of night-shift cab driving
- Musician and composer for approx. 35 years (and counting)