Beverly D. Renekouzou

Painter, performer, and artistic director, Renekouzou's work is deeply rooted in her experiences of moving by different social classes and political contexts. She had explored life between France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Central African Republic, and Germany.


Through an intersectionality lens, Beverly's large-scale paintings depict a lifelong process of healing, where black women suspend time to reflect in a contemplative posture.


Thus, in a spirit of collecting and honoring old lives memories, she dresses up their mediums of expression with second-handed pieces of jeans carrying multiple individual stories. A reason to protect the widespread vulnerability and melancholy of these characters' paintings with an intermediate presence of wisdom.


Through an expressive visual, Renekouzou questions how the environment and western perspective influence multi-cultural individualities can carry and the quest for ancestors' answers. An ensemble of reflection that engages a metaphorical inner and spiritual migration.