Elihu Ashong

Elihu Ashong is a Ghanaian multi-disciplinary cultural worker currently living in Berlin who uses photography, painting, text and elements of nature such as plants, trunks & rocks among other materials to create reflections of society. As a cultural worker, his work touches on current issues such as the underlying politics surrounding discrimination, gentrification and social injustice.


With a background in international relations and cultural diplomacy, he curates, produces and works with artists mostly from indigenous and marginalized communities. This research approach to art is grounded in the ideology that art plays a major role in politics and soft power attempts of nations and organizations.


An avid lover of nature, Elihu seeks to reaffirm nature’s role as the master artist by introducing elements of nature in his set installations. His work is minimal and thought provoking.

He believes that artists have the responsibility of being linguists and active commentators within the realms of reality thus quickening the mundane always.