Udo Nöger works in the tradition of minimalism and reduces everything he does “to a point where there is no more and no less” - a statement that sums up the balance of his reduced aesthetic. However, his main interest, in addition to striving to reduce visual information, is light!


The approximately 8 cm deep monochrome panel paintings, which are made of wood, cloth, canvas, liquids and achromatic paint, shine mysteriously on their own. The light source appears to be behind the subject and thus creates a kind of silhouette. Depending on the incidence of light and the viewer's position, his pictures change in a magical way. To achieve this, the paintings consist of several layers of canvas and water-thin cotton cloths, which are stretched into a frame at a certain distance. The inner canvas, from which the artist cuts out simplified biomorphic shapes, functions as the actual picture plane. Once the internal composition is complete, the external surface is treated with mineral oil and paints in pale shades of grey, silver and white to determine the translucency, which is more opaque in some areas than others. Through this unique approach,


Udo Nöger creates luminous monochrome paintings that capture movement and energy in very minimalist compositions to achieve the purest light possible.