Adeolu Osibodu is a self-taught photographer/photo artist born 1997 in Lagos, Nigeria.


“The idea of photography caught my eye because I didn't have to say anything to express myself. In other words, I never had to explain myself.


I never question my thoughts. I just document them with my camera and then If I’m lucky, I get to understand later in future.


I’m inspired by everything I see, hear and feel.


My work has shown in France, Germany and the UAE.


In 2017, I was privileged to receive the Eyeem Portraitist award in Berlin for an image from my project “Losing Amos”. My work has also received recognition/publication from; Ignant, Adobe Photoshop, Gup Magazine, Flickr, Blur Magazine, Kwerfeldein, CNN and more.”


Adeolu Osibodu