Thom Pierce (born 1978 in Jersey) is a British photographic artist, currently working out of Cape Town, South Africa. After a successful career in the UK music industry, working with George Michael, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and others, he turned to photography in 2013 as a way to explore his new home of South Africa.


Over a short period of time, he has enjoyed both solo and group exhibitions in major South African galleries and achieved international recognition as an up and coming artist. The South African National Gallery holds a collection of his work in their permanent collection.



The Horsemen of Semonkong


In the mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa, the region of Semonkong sits at 2,275 metres above sea level in the Drakensberg mountains. The area is made up of many small villages, most of which are inaccessible by car and nestled high up in the mountains without electricity and mains water. Travel time from these villages to Semonkong, the nearest town, can be up to 4 hours and so the journey is often taken by horse. The routes are also used by the younger herd boys who move their livestock between pastures, covering great distances on their daily work routine.

In May 2016, Thom Pierce journeyed up into the mountains, along the well trodden paths, to photograph the horsemen, herders and commuters of Semonkong.