Tété Azankpo



Born in Lomé, Togo



Following graduation, he undertook training as a welder



Set up his own studio in Lomé



Held his first exhibition of wood sculptures



Artist in Residence Project, Heinrich Böll Fondation, Germany



First solo show in a museum (Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany)

since 1999


Azankpo, a self-taught artist, has been showing his work across Africa and Europe



He lives and works in Lomé, Togo


Tété was awarded a scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Foundation for the winter of 2008/2009, living and working in the Foundation's atelier house in Langenbroich, not far from Dueren for four months. During his stay he created a series of very impressive material collages which he entitled


"La Mascarade".


In this series of work Azankpo reflects on disguise and masquerade, delusion and prevarication in the behavior of humans, which he, in particular, sees in the public appearances of politicians in both his home country and accross Europe.


Tété Azankpo is a political artist who deals with the social and communal circumstances of his home country in his works. - JM